Interstate Case Management

Interstate case management is a method or approach to ensure that all stakeholders and duty bearers, both at source and destination points, work together towards ensuring services for rehabilitation and protection of survivors of human trafficking.

Why is ICM important?

To strengthen coordination between source and destination stakeholders to improve quality of case management.

Tafteesh Focus

1) Coordination between Tafteesh partners and lawyers in destination points for.
      a) Punishment of traffickers.
      b) Strengthen destination case using Procedural Correction, wherever necessary.
      c) Apply Victim Compensation.
      d) Put pressure on system on interstate investigation, coordination among duty bearers.
2) Using Video Conferencing for deposition.

Actions Tafteesh is doing

1- Coordination between lawyers in destination and survivors for legal case management.
2- Cross sharing documents between Destination and Source.
3- Preparation of survivors for hearing using video conferencing.