Applying for Procedural Corrections

What is Procedural Correction?

It refers to those actions taken in cases where laws are not being implemented correctly and survivors are not getting the benefits from existing policies such as filing of protest petitions vis-à-vis naraji petitions.

Why is it important?

- For the correction of the gaps in implementation and enforcement of existing laws and policies by duty-bearers of the State.
- To rectify willful ignorance in investigation by judicial activism and ground level advocacy.
- To see the possibility of inter- state investigation

Cases that fall under procedural rectification

1) Cases where there have been faulty investigations by police.
2) Cases where survivors have not received protection or services/ benefits entitled under law.
3) Cases in which the lower Courts have not applied the existing laws correctly.

Actions Tafteesh is doing

1) Filing of Naraji petitions at lower Courts.
2) Applications of POCSO, 370 of IPC and put-up petitions for incorporating ITPA sections.
3) Facilitating deposition of survivor via video conferencing in their legal cases between source and destination courts.
4) Put pressure to local police station / judiciary to transfer all trafficking cases to Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) as per Sangita Sahu Judgement and directive from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).